Dr. Blough (Ph.D. The Ohio State University, Political Science) began his study of Taijiquan at Qi Elements in 1994 under the tutelage of former Director of Qi Elements, Shifu Nancy Bloomfield, a student of Shifu Liu, Chao Chi.  In 1995 Shifu Bloomfield introduced Dr. Blough to Grand Master Yang, Jwing Ming, then of Boston, MA.  Dr. Blough has studied Qigong and applications of Yang Style Taiji with Grand Master Yang since 1995 in Boston and at the YMAA Retreat Center in Miranda, CA, earning certification as an Assistant Instructor of YMAA Qigong in 2005 and as a Full Instructor in 2010.  Dr Blough has also completed seminars in Yang Style Taijiquan form from Masters Yang, Zhenduo; Yang, Jun; and Dr. Yang, Yang.