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Fees Structure for Medical Qigong Exercise Classes

Classes will be in-person and on-line.  You can attend either way or mix attendance.  The fee is the same either way.  .
Drop-in to one class at a time at $22 per class.  Purchase a drop-in package of 4 or more classes at $20 per class.
Enroll in an entire series of classes at $18 per class (three class series would be $54).

The next will start in mid-January 2024.  Attend in-person on on-line via Zoom.  The sessions meet on Zoom or in-person at Qi Elements, Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 PM.  To enroll, fill out and send or bring in the registration and release form here.  If you want to attend on-line, I will need your email address to send you the Zoom link.  Make sure that you are on our Medical Qigong interest email list to learn details when they are announced.

Become a Certified Medical Qigong Teacher

Medical Qigong Exercise is one of three instructional and teacher certification programs at Qi Elements along with Taijiquan and Taiji-Qigong. As the school director and main Medical Qigong teacher, Roger Blough has earned certification as an Assistant Instructor of Qigong from the world-renowned teacher Yang, Jwing Ming in 2005 and as a Full Instructor in 2010.  In addition to Level 1, the program will have two follow-on levels.  .
Introduction to the certification program.  
Content of Level 1 here.