Fees Structure for Medical Qigong Exercise Classes

Classes will be in-person and on-line.  You can attend either way or mix attendance.  The fee is the same either way.  .
Drop-in to one class at a time at $22 per session.  Purchase a drop-in package of 4 or more sessions at $20 per session.
Enroll in an entire series of classes at $18 per session (the eight session series would be $144. 

The next class series will start on June 12, 2024 and continue for eight sessions through July 31. The sessions meet on Zoom or in-person at Qi Elements, Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 PM.  To enroll, fill out and send or bring in the registration and release form here.  If you want to attend on-line, I will need your email address to send you the Zoom link.  Topics to be covered include: the Standing Eight Pieces of Brocade, the basic Six Healing Sounds, plus two seasonal routines from the Four Seasons Medical Qigong--Spring and Summer.

Make sure that you are on our Medical Qigong interest email list to learn details when they are announced.

Become a Certified Medical Qigong Teacher

Medical Qigong Exercise is one of three instructional and teacher certification programs at Qi Elements along with Taijiquan and Taiji-Qigong. As the school director and main Medical Qigong teacher, Roger Blough has earned certification as an Assistant Instructor of Qigong from the world-renowned teacher Yang, Jwing Ming in 2005 and as a Full Instructor in 2010.  In addition to Level 1, the program will have two follow-on levels.  .
Introduction to the certification program.  
Content of Level 1 here.