Few schools teach Taijiquan, the traditional martial art of Taiji.  At Qi Elements, we do.  Master Roger Blough has learned Taijiquan's martial applications from Grand Master Yang, Jwing Ming, having followed the Grand Master as a seminar and vistiting student since 1994.  He has passed this knowledge on to his assistants at Qi Elements.

Our program in Taijiquan martial arts includes:  Traditional Yang Family bare-hand form, applications of the bare-hand form movements in Da (striking), Ti (Kicking) and Qin Na (joint locking), Pushing Hands with martial intent, partner drills Peng, Lu, Ji, An, Da Lu, Yin Yang Symbol, and the Taiji Fighting set as taught by Grand Master Yang.  Traditional Taiji Saber and Sword, and a practical self-defense weapon, Taiji Fighting Cane, created by Master Roger based on Grand Master Yang's Taiji Saber applications.

In addition to the martial art applications, Qi Elements Taijiquan program includes rarely taught internal (Qigong) elements of Taiji training:  Qi cultivation and Qi circulation, Standing and Sitting Meditations, Qigong breathing, Four and Five Gates Breathing, Microcosmic Orbit, Grand Circulation.  

 Qin Na Applications  Applications