Qi Elements' Taiji-Qigong program emphasizes the meditative, energy and health aspects of the art rather than self-defense.  Like our Taijiquan program, Taiji-Qigong takes a comprehensive approach that includes bare-hand form, Qi cultivation and circulation, meditation, and cooperative partner exercises.  In this program you will learn one "standard application" of each Taiji form movement that is necessary to understand the movement of Qi (vital energy) in Taiji, but you will not be required to practice the applications in self-defense mode.  Partner exercises in the program are included to help train movement, feeling and body coordination but will remain in non-competitive and gentle mode.  

In our Taiji-Qigong program you will learn:  Traditional Yang-Style Taiji bare-hand long form (88, 103, 113 movements, depending on how the movements are counted), exercises for rooting and balance, exercise for body coordination and motor control such as sensing hands and Yin Yang Symbol Tracing in gentle, cooperative mode, meditative exercises for Qi cultivation and Qi circulation and the rarely taught Taiji Ball Qigong.  

Taiji-Qigong Class Schedule

Taiji-Qigong all levels   Tuesdays 6:30-7:45.   

Taijiquan and Taiji-Qigong performance of entire Yang-style bare-hand long form  Saturdays 10:15 to 10:45.

Taiji-Qigong  All Levels Saturdays 10:45-12 Noon.