Both options include 

  • Traditional Yang-Style long form and applications
  • Partner exercises
  • Qi cultivation and circulation for health and internal power
  • Ranking system and instructor certification offered

Our Taijiquan (martial) Program also includes

  • Pushing Hands and Fighting Set
  • Practice in Taijiquan applications
  • Self-Defense applications of Taijiquan
  • Weapons:  Cane, Saber, and Sword

Qi Elements offers two options for for Taiji Training
Taijiquan:  This is Taiji as a martial art.  It is hard to find training in the 
genuine art.  Our training in this area comes from Shifu Blough's 25 years of study with Grand Master Yang, Jwing Ming. 
Taiji Qigong:  This is comprehensive Taiji training but without competitive martial arts exercises.  

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